FEATURE: Meet Two Inspiring GCC Participants!

Global Competence Certificate educators are some of the most interesting and inspiring people you will meet. They are new teachers as well as 20+ year veterans. They bring expertise in social studies, math, science, languages, physical education, music, special education, and more across all levels of K-12 education. They are dedicated to the students they serve in public and independent schools in all regions of the U.S. and beyond. The passion that connects them is a belief that both they and their students want and need to learn about the world and their place in it in order to thrive.Seeing this rich diversity of experience combined with a common vision confirms that the GCC is home for any educator who wants to develop themselves and their students into truly global citizens. Keep reading to meet two of our inspiring teachers!

Carla Kelly is a Special Education teacher who teaches everything from Health, Environmental Science, and Introduction to Occupations in an urban high school with kids from 46 different countries. A mid-career changer, she entered teaching through the NYC Teaching Fellows program in 2009. Since then, she’s worked to make learning fun, exhilarating, and engaging for her very diverse students, and the GCC is a part of her strategy to continue to grow and flex as an educator. When asked what she likes best about the GCC program, Carla didn’t hesitate: “I love the sync sessions. Everyone is so interesting and smart, [they share] the most amazing stories, the coolest things they are doing…One would think that you would feel disconnected [in an online course], but I feel really close to these people.” 

Kathreen “Kit” Harrison teaches French to middle school students in rural Maine. Many of her students have not had the chance to travel or be exposed to other cultures. A 25-year veteran teacher, she aims to bring global awareness to her students, her school, and her district. She is so committed to this that she also writes a blog and regular column about global education for the local newspaper. Ultimately, Kit would like to help schools across Maine embrace more globally focused education. When asked what brought her to the GCC program, Kit replied: “This certificate [will] help me develop greater expertise and also provide a credential that will be helpful as I continue my work on transforming curriculum in the district.”

Published on by World Savvy.